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Why 'Freedom Key'?

The Freedom Key is the building which connects the four houses in a Freedom Housing nest.
There are four Freedom Key houses or apartments in a Freedom Housing nest. The above 3D drawing is that of a Freedom Housing development in a housing estate.
The Freedom Key element provides the efficiencies and the logistical structures which enable us (persons with disabilities) to secure our freedom from custodial institutions.
The Freedom Key also enables our families to free themselves of the perpetual obligation to provide care for us. It is the key to such freedoms: hence Freedom Key.
The Freedom Key logo is that of a person's head, with lines radiating from it. The lines indicate that it is our physical and subjective needs which ought to determine our objective world. The image is also that of a keyhole for obvious reasons. 
Freedom Key Pty Ltd is the owner of the patents and the registered trade names: Freedom Housing and Freedom Key, and it licenses the development of Freedom Housing. 
Freedom Key Pty Ltd also provides training and accreditation services to organisations which provide services to Freedom Housing nests. Freedom Key Pty Ltd provides the conceptual and the intellectual property elements for Freedom Housing. 

Our aim is to even the playing field for persons with disabilities and for the families of persons with disabilities.

Would you would like to buy, rent, or share a Freedom Key house or apartment?  Register your interest on the Freedom Key Registry.

Go to http://freedomhousing.com.au for more information about how to register.