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The Freedom Housing model of care and accommodation in conventional houses and apartments is constituted by three elements: hardware, software, and the system. All three conspire to deliver the ultimate benefits.

The buildings, the fittings, and the equipment constitute the first element. We may refer to it as the hardware. 

The second element is the operational intelligence. This comprises the essential actions, and behaviours, which ensure that the occupants who require care, receive high-quality on-going care. Such actions and behaviours may be categorised as:
  1. Governance
  2. Management
  3. Advocacy

These functions are executed through the Key Committee, to ensure the functional integrity of Freedom Housing.

The third element is the establishment of Freedom Housing nests across Australia: in city, rural, and popular vacation areas. We will be able to move from one Freedom Housing nest to another, right across the country.

Everything from a Freedom Housing care buddy system, affiliations with local hospitals, to negotiating better group commercial deals on products and services, will be possible. The formation of Freedom Housing lobbying groups: local, state, and national, will also occur.

The ubiquitous development of Freedom Housing nests will enable Freedom Housing associations to become established. Such associations - through the Key Committee - will be able to support each other for a wide variety of purposes.

Each Key may choose to register as a charity. It may then be able to accept charitable tax-deductible donations from individuals and corporations.